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Y o u r   Q u e s t i o n s  A n s w e r e d

Do you charge to cut the cake?


No, we don’t charge for this, it is part of your day which we enjoy. We ask that you provide platters to arrange the cake on.



We seem to have lots of friends & family with dietary requirements. Is this a problem to cater for?


As long as we know in advance, we can cater for all requirements It is becoming very common and we are prepared with ideas to suit most requirements. 

If there are any severe allergies in the wedding party, we tend to avoid the ingredient, such as nuts, sesame, celery, and so on.


We recommend you also inform the venue and other suppliers such as the cake company of allergies.



What if problems occur on the day in terms of catering?


We ask you in your running order for a point of contact for during the day for anything that may arise, usually the best man, bridesmaid or close family member.



Do you feed the band and photographer?


We are more than happy to supply food for your band, photographer, DJ, videographer and any other contractors. We ask you for these details in your running order. There is a small charge for this to cover our costs. It is a good idea to check the contracts with the companies you have booked as to whether you are expected to provide a meal.



What if the weather is bad and we have planned for part of the food to be outside, i.e. the canapés?


Typically, the Cornish weather is unpredictable. In the event of bad weather, we will work with the venue and your points of contact to deliver a safe style of service with as little disruption to your big day.



When do you need to know our numbers of guests?


The sooner the better, but at the latest, 3 weeks prior due to our planning and preparation.



We like some of your menus you have proposed but are struggling to choose… what do you suggest we do?


We would love to invite you to our workshop and prep kitchen for a tasting and a chat about your menu and ideas for food. Once you have booked your date & paid your deposit, we offer a free tasting of canapés and a few other choices. It’s a good chance to get together and get excited about your big day!


My favourite dessert is Pavlova, and my fiancé’s is Lemon Tart… neither of us will budge! Any other suggestions you could help us with?


How about you have both? We can incorporate both desserts either as miniatures so each guest has ‘a duo’, or how about a Pavlova and a Lemon Tart on a platter in the centre of the table for the guests to help themselves to whichever they want (or even both!) Your guests will love that you are incorporating both of your favourites!

What about VAT?


We are proud that we have been busy enough to reach the VAT threshold. Sadly, VAT needs to be considered in terms of your prices. 



Do you supply waiting staff?


Yes, we have a great team that work with us. They are professional and experienced and we love working with them. 



We will need table linen and napkins. Do you include this?


As this is a personal choice, we tend not to include this in our quotes. We can however provide you with samples, and can order on your behalf with one of our suppliers that we work closely with. 

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